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Quick updates

June 24, 2010

I had to work over the weekend and my hand is feeling the strain now, so this is a quick update not a long rambly blog.

Good things:

The cats are adorable.  They’ve got to know and trust us now, and they’re geninely affectionate (by which I mean not just when it’s feeding time!).  Willow is a total cutie.  If she doesn’t know where her brother is she wanders round the house and garden calling for him – really loudly.  And when she finds him she washes him.  Or pounces on him and runs away.

New writing projects. Linked/The Book That Will Not End is…oh gosh, it’s nearly there, I swear, and I’m totally not abandoning it.  But I have to say I’m more interested right now in Persephone’s Daughter, a young adult urban fantasy I’ve just started work on.  Such a fun concept!  I’m also thinking about a short – maybe a free read – set in the world of Heart of the Volcano and Blood of the Volcano.

New work projects.  I’m excited about a new project I’m going to be doing for Samhain.  But, oops, sorry, I can’t say anything about it till Monday.  Ha!

Waistcoats!  Well, just the one waistcoat.  An awesome waistcoat to wear for my Samhain talk at the RNA Conference.  Hooray, I did find it and it’s not a waterfall waistcoat, a coat-that-reaches-the-waist or a slut waistcoat.  Win.

Yummy vegetables.  Thanks to my organic veg box delivery people (Riverford) my fridge and veg rack are full of beautiful fresh fruit and veg.  Basil, watercress, bunched carrots, strawberries that don’t need sugar cos they, like, taste of strawberry.

Friends’ books.  My friend and chapter-mate, Stephanie Cage, had her debut release yesterday from The Wild Rose Press.  The book is Desperate Bid, a contemporary romance selling for just $4.25.  You can totally afford that, yes?

And my crit partner, MG Braden, has a beeeyootiful new website and has recently re-released one of her books on Smashwords.  Inheritance, contemporary romance, $1.29. Look, you could afford that, too!

Okay, so maybe I did ramble a bit.  Now I have to go rest my hand, drink a coffee and do a bit more work on Persephone’s Daughter – this is my pen-and-paper book, not my Erica-the-red-laptop book, which means I can get on with it even when my hand is bugging me.

See you Monday!

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